April 21, 2008

Our First Scan

We have one perfect Bean on board with a heartbeat of just over 120 so I think Boy lol.  I have to stay on progesterone till 12w not 10 which is good. 


My FS has a bit of a concern about how we lost the baby last time as the only thing that shows is a UTI which means now I am on regular pee tests which is fine with me.  She also voiced her opinion that I should give up work, we sat and had a good chat about it and we totally understand what she is saying but we want to make it to 12w before we start thinking about that.  Man I would be ready to give up tomorrow lol, but the best thing is I think she has made DH really think about it and at this stage it probably be about July that I stop.  She just explained how important this PG is and as my waters broke for no reason at all last time that we could afford to risk anything.  She is willing to write anything in a letter to my employer about my duties, so she told us to go away and write one and she will type it up and sign it.


My FS is keeping me in her care up until I see my OBS with another scan booked for the 5th May and then she will sign me over and classify me as a possible high risk pg.


So now we take every day as it comes but for today we are absolutely beaming!


Thanks so much everyone again for your support and love.



April 14, 2008

6 Weeks


We’re 6 weeks today and only 5 more days till our scan.  Yes we have had another scare 2 days after our last one so off for more bloods and Beta came back at 11000.  So in 2 days it had gone from 4906 to 11000 and everyone was happy, well nearly everyone…….. to see brown stuff still coming out of you freaks me out everytime and we have been told as long as we are on the pessaries its probably going to keep happening.  Apparently I can come off the pessaries at 10 weeks but 12 weeks sounds better to me.  Its just doing my head in and I thought the 2ww was bad enough.


I have been getting heaps of stretching pains at night and am still a little scared to go to the loo, but I guess I am going to have to get to a point where I have to try and trust in my body.  In saying that though I know until we get past our 2nd trimester I won’t be able to relax, I mean how can I knowing what happened last time, 14w 5d and my waters went pop.  My FS seems to think that part of it maybe could have been cause by a UTI so I already have myself on Cranberry juice and will try and manage one glass a day as bitter as it is and when I see my FS on Friday I am going to ask her if there is anything else I can take to prevent it.


So our little one I know you have snuggled deep because I have had the pains and blood tests to prove it.  This has been a different pregnancy to you Angel sister Chloe, less peeing, more stretching and more gunk coming out of me.  Your dad thinks there are 2 of you but mummy thinks its just one strong one who we are hoping we get to see in 7 ½ months time.


Thankyou so much for all your messages and support over the past couple of weeks and all the lurkers welcome.

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April 08, 2008

Scare and 3rd Beta

Sorry I haven’t updated but I have been working all weekend and then yesterday I woke up to find when I wiped that there was red blood.  As you could imagine I was stunned for a few minutes and then phoned my nurse.  She got me to have another pessary and then come straight in.  I rung hubby and he met me there. 


All the way there I just kept thinking why give this to me if your going to take it away from me,  its almost like I am stoping myself from getting excited in case I lose it.

So we arrived and my nurse said it could be my body is just trying to have AF, called me a difficult child and then took my blood.  She said she would call me about 1.30 and by 3 I was nearly hyperventilating!!!


So after my nurse had to have a fight with the path lab, the bloods came back at 4906 at 5w 1d and might I just say OH WOW!  This is a strong little one and I am so happy its snuggled in.  I am having another BT on Thursday just for peace of mind for myself and that if I hadn’t had the bleed she would of told me not to come back.


Well woke up this morning and yep there was that red colour again and to be honest the only thing I can put it down to is that the progesterone pessaries are irritating me and making me bleed.  Luckily my FS rung this morning and she told me that is very common for early pg bleeds and not to stress to much.  I mentioned the pessaries and the irritation and she said it could be the reason as we increased them both nights before the bleed but I have to stay on them.


Will update you on Thursdays results.


April 04, 2008

Some More News

I had my second Beta today and it came back at………… 986 so it’s more than tripled and we are rapped!  Got to speak to my FS today as she said they are very happy with the numbers but just wants to keep an eye on my progesterone so I will have a BT once a week until my scan on the 18th April. 

Our Bub is due the 7th December one day after my Dad’s 60th! 

Honestly I still can’t believe it but its slowly hitting home cause I am feeling every niggling pain that I get, then I’m off to the loo to check.  I know I know its only just begun. 

Thankyou to everyone that commented on my Blog it’s absolutely flattering, I didn’t realise I had so many lurkers.


April 01, 2008

Some News!!

I am Pregnant!!!  Beta came back at 260.  Early days still but after 11 transfers we are

sooooooooooooooooo happy.