December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

Chloe’s Bear

Well another Christmas has been and gone, but I wanted to share with you a present my DH bought for me from my Angel Chloe.  Its in the picture above and on the card it said 'This gift is something to hold everytime you want to think of me, it will bring you warmth and it will give you lots of smiles'.  I think this is the best present ever.

It was a little sad for both of us yesterday, we both kept thinking about bub and how she would be 16 months, probably her first christmas where she would be laughing and giggling and making a mess of the house.  We both miss her so much and would give anything to have her here with us.


December 17, 2007

And the Result is.......

Transfer #10 - Another BFN.


December 11, 2007

oh its been a week already


One week down and to tell you the truth I haven’t’ even been thinking about the 2ww. Work has been that busy with the Christmas trade that time has flown and there has been a few times that I have had to stop what I was doing and think about the cargo on board. Lets face it after 10 transfers I have tried resting, going to bed early, loosing weight, eating properly, sitting on my arse, not lifting, not stretching, not sneezing, not farting you name it I have tried it, but this cycle its been a free for all. I have worked my arse off at work for a week with no choice of taking it easy but that is my decision for having transfer over the busiest time of the year in my job.

So today I have had AF like pains on and off, could be something could be nothing, sore boobs but as we all know symptoms mean nothing at all anymore.

I got my new car on Friday and she is beautiful, that is my car in the picture but mine is black and I will take a pic of it when I can. It was a sad moment to watch my old baby being driven into the yard I loved her a lot, but I will have another WRX one day that I know!!


December 02, 2007

Been Busy

I am sorry I have been missing in action but work is so flat out right now that its just scary to think what it will be like the week before christmas. By the time I get home I am buggered.

Now I have a warning............ don't ever use that pro-active shit they advertise on TV. My DH bought me some thinking he was doing a good thing, I applied the testing for 3 days and then on Monday I used it properly for the first time, well by Tues my neck was starting to burn and tingle. Got home from work Tuesday night took one look at my face and it was all lumpy and spotty then twice as bad on Wed. Was washing my hands Wed night and noticed my towels had bleach like spots on them, I asked Nathan if he had used bleach he said no, Thursday I was getting ready for a late start with work and it hit me, it was the proactive which must of had some type of peroxide or something in it. Nathan took it back and get his money back they rung there head office to let them know but unfortunatly thats all they can do as it has a warning it can happen with some skin. Today its uncomfy, the spotty lumps are down my neck and all over my face with some more noticable than others
and a few blisters that came up on my forehead and now lucky me its starting to get itchy. Steer clear!!!

Ok now for some other news. We bought a new Mazda 6 in hatchback today in black, with rear spoiler also tinted windows, car mats, free tank of petrol and 5 yr warrentee on it. The guy had already ordered it during the week and it was in the back of the yard waiting for us to sign, poor guy if we hadn't of gone back, he even rung me twice during the week and on the way up today lol. I am very upset to let go of my WRX and I have already shed a tear but at 10 yrs of age and me currently filling my car up every 2 1/2 days, not to mention it needs a bit of work right now. I begged for a older model WRX but lost the fight not to mention insurance being over $1000 a yr. So I pick it up at the end of the week.

There was something else, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, now what was it........... oh yeah, we transfered 2 embies today one 4 cell and another 6 cell and yet again lost none with thaw which nows leaves us 14 frostie bubs left. It so happened that the same Dr who did transfer last month did this one today too, we managed to speak to her a little bit about how we were thinking about changing over to her. She seemed to be very interested in our loss at 16w and asked lots of questions about it, was a little surprised that we had transfered 19 embies in total and my proticole hadn't changed with each transfer. Nathan thinks she is great so it looks like it will be a visit to her next yr.

Thats it from me, I wont be around much guys but will check in when I can...... who would work in retail at christmas time............ 19 yrs and I still haven't learn't even worse when I have been a manager for 9 of them lol!!