June 30, 2008

17 weeks

I managed to get hold of a computer and so sorry for no updates.
I am 17 weeks and we made it past another mile stone as it was the day I gave birth to our Angel, so you could say I have never been this far along before.  I am now in maternity clothes, the stretching has settled a bit and the best news ever........ . I think I felt bub move on Monday and it was the best!!  My FS also phoned me last Friday to check up on me and see how things were.I have all my appointments in 2 weeks, first my 18w OBS, then my 18w scan and then an appointment at the hospital.  I have to say I am hanging out for the scan.  I will post a pick today of my new bump that I love to let hang out, its the one time I don't have to hold my gut in lol.
I had a fainting spell this week. I went into my old store to visit the staff and it was so warm and yep i went giddy and had to lie on the floor, was so weird the way it came over.  Also I have been waking at 3am because i am hungry as, I think this baby is super sizing its food and I tell ya its bad enough having to pee all night let alone being woken up cause I am friggin hungry!!


 I have been getting some sharp pains down below and of course freak out everytime I feel a sharp one.  I just think its all going to happen all over again, I really think myself into the whole thing and then have to pull myself back and say no, no its not going to happen again but unfortunatly my brain wins over.  I am not even half way yet and every day scares me more and more, I just so want to enjoy this I desperatly do. 

I finish work in 4 weeks and I am so glad, I am just soooooooo tired and to be on my feet at work is killing me, yes easy sit down but its the mental thing of the job.  I just feel like I can't get enough sleep.  I read in a book that we wee told to get as much sleep before bubs is born but as she said its starts before that because you can't get comfortable in bed, your up peeing all night then it takes ages to get comfortable and fall a sleep again.  I think there should be a bed designed where you can pull a bit out of the mattress that your tummy can fit into........can't hurt!

Will update you as soon as can, hopefully will have a network card soon.


June 01, 2008

We're ok.

Yes I know bad girl but I do have an excuse.  We have been house sitting for my hubbies boss and he forgot to leave his network card before he headed overseas for 6 weeks so I am going through big withdrawls right now and we still have another 4weeks to go argggggggggg.

I had a breakdown early this week as I felt pains lower down in my tummy but my OBS reasured me it was ligament stretching and maybe ripping.  But after the loss last time and remembering the pain then I just freak at any pain now.  
We lost our Angel in in just under 2 weeks time last time and its starting to do my head in, I wish time would slow a little.  They still can't tell me why my waters broke last time and I just couldn't handle it again infact I think that would be it for trying again.  But I have to think of this as a different pg and treat it as such............ yeah right, unfortunatly the brain wins over everytime!
Our OBs appointment was fantastic, he was so excited to see us back, infact when he was examining my tummy he was looking at me and said I am so happy for you two and you both so deserve this so much and he started welling which in turn set me off lol. Him and his wife have also been going through IVF which is one of the reasons I chose him 2yrs ago when we were pg with Chloe so we know he understands. He wants me to go and have a cervix scan at 14w as well as a UTI test again, back to have a 18-20 w scan with his radiology partner and the thing I was over joyed at........... he kept me on the pessaries and proganova until nearly 15 weeks! I was so looking forward to getting off them and now another couple of sloppy weeks to go, but I know its all for a good thing. He has put me on the emergency scan list, so if for what ever reason something doesn't feel right I can ring them and I can go in anytime for a scan.

Well we are 13w tomorrow and I have to say it is getting quicker. I had my Pre-natal bloods done last thursday, my NT scan done on Monday and my first OBS appointment on Tues.
The scan was great, just to see our little one lying there not over exerting itself but managed to raise a hand and thats all lol. We got to see little fingers, placenta pumping away and little limbs and for the first time the heartbeat. Unfortunatly bubaloo wasn't moving for anyone no matter what, it was poked, proded and I even had to do a couple of sit ups but nope it was staying put but did mange to raise its hand to its face which we think could of been telling us to buzz off and let me sleep. The Dr said that it was all good and if bub stays like this it could mean we may have a sleeper on our hands when its born. I just think it was practicing holding the remote control.......... so we are tipping boy lol. It was so diferent from when we had our scan with our Angel Chloe as she wouldn't sit still, infact it took him 20 mins to try and measure her NT fold but not this one.