August 28, 2007



Survived the dentist today but that’s because I had nothing done arggggggggg.  Now tomorrow is a different story……. Infact $500 different story!!!  Today he did an xray and a poke around and then told me the good news.  

The abscess is only on the gum……phew, gave me some antibiotics but then told me the bad news.  The tooth near the abscess needs a filling, it already has one but the bit on the tooth that hasn’t got it now needs to be filled, which means drilling out the old and putting in a longer new one…….$205.  Then one of my wisdom teeth has a big hole……$170 and last but not least another wisdom needs a little fill……$140. All this will be done tomorrow as its all on the one side.   

Now next time he wants both wisdoms on the other side filled as well plus a cleaning of the tooth which will cost $150, that must be some very expensive tooth paste!!  He did say eventually the wisdoms will have to come out but not urgent right now, so thank F*** we are thinking about getting health insurance.  Maybe if I ever need another egg retrival they can do me a double wammy and have one Dr at one end and one Dr at the other and they can both rip the suckers out of there!!!


August 27, 2007



This is me tomorrow............... wish me good luck!!


August 19, 2007

Some Happy News for ME


Well I think I have some good news, no not that type of good news ( I wish)!!!  Hubby and I were talking the other day and we have made a deal……..hmmmmmmmmmmm you say.  Well as you know I am on the last bit of my weight loss quest and have become a little slack on that front.  So hubby told me if I lose another 5kg then we will go for our next FET YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  He knows how much I want to budge this weight and this is my incentive to get rid of it so hey I am all for it.  I know some of you make think it’s a pretty poor reason to let me do my next transfer but I really am unhappy with not losing everything I promised myself earlier this year and the weight I did lose bought my cycles from 60 plus days to 32 days so I know it was the right choice.

So come on guys I need you to kick me arse and make sure I am doing this.

Also my hubby has said I can get a new car once settlement for the house has gone through so more YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!  I am going to miss my WRX she has been my baby but I am moving on to a Mazda 3 Black.  No we’re not made of money but we feel while we are living with my parents and saving some money we might as well get it now instead of when I have given up work and moved into our home once its built.  So we will trade my car in for a newbie!!

Car car2 car3 Finally I have some movement in my life.


August 14, 2007

Thinking of you Bree & Tyler


Can you please keep in your thoughts a friend of mine on one of my online groups Bree.  She gave birth to Tyler on the 7th at 24 weeks.  He is doing very well considering how old he is and today has only gone on ventilation but only a small amount.Poor Bree ended up with an infection in her uterus which ended up in a slow leak of her waters, which she knew nothing about. Sweety we are all thinking of you and Tyler right now and praying he gets through this.


August 13, 2007

It Found Me


It’s the last month of winter and I thought I had escaped it……….but it found me.  Sore throat, headache, stuffy none, stuffed sinus need I say more. 

  This year has been the worst ever for the flu, nearly every second person has got it or had it, a 5 yr old died this week of Influenza A then a day later a man of 3 children in his 30’s also passed away.  I thought because I had already had a cold 3 times during summer that I would of escaped it but no. 

See I had my toncils out when I was 21 because I have had toncilitise since I was a baby, but ever since they have come out I have had it worse than ever, so if anyone has a spare set I would very much appreciate them.


August 09, 2007

These Days - powderfinger

This is one of my favorite songs, its not so much the film clip its the words. Life you just never know whats around the corner.


August 07, 2007

Personality Test

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INFP - The "Dreamer"

Myers-Briggs Personality Types (Free Test)

INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginitive, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.


August 05, 2007

Lost a Blogger

If anyone could help me out pls??  I love to read  but it looks like it has been changed to invited readers.  If anyone could contact her to let her know that I would love to stay as a reader I would very much appriciate it.


August 01, 2007

Another Quest


Well as you can see I have started back on one of my other quests.  I will keep you updated!!