March 21, 2008

Cargo on Board

We made it!!  We have 2 Blasts on board as from today, which means 2 out of our 6 embies made it to day 5.  The sad thing is knowing we lost 4 of our bubs but as our FS said they would of never survived anyway.  If this cycle doesn’t work then she will pull out our last remaining 8 and grow them to day 5.

  I just want to get so excited but I know better but I think its because it’s a different way of trying things.

  I have just been transferred to a new work place and was explaining it all to a couple of the girls there and they were amazed on what us IVFers go through.  Two of them told me I am an incredibly strong person and its not the first time I have heard this, but you know what I don’t know if I am a strong person but I have to act that way to get through everyday life.  Yes we have now been through 11 transfers, a loss of a baby and continual failed cycles, but if I don’t put this very thick wall up then I would been in a padded cell a long time ago with never to be released on the door! 

  So Beta is the 31st March.