October 29, 2007


 Well I am officially on the 2ww.  I had two lovely and strong 6 & 7 cell embrio's transfered (Dr's words), to our surprise we lost none through thaw.
We found out we had 18 frozen not 17 like we first thought, which means my last fresh cycle we ended up with 19 embies. 
  The FS we had today was lovely and so gentle, its like she took her time to put them in and not in a hurry like my FS and we have actually decided that if this doesn't work we may make an appointment to see her.  She was amazed though by the numbers I have frozen and said I would have to be up there with the highest amount stored lol.
Beta on the 12th Nov.
Now I am going to make the most of not doing alot lol.


October 28, 2007

Tomorrow 11am


Transfer is set for 11am Sunday…….its all happening and I feel ill lol.  I know I am not going to get much sleep tonight but at least it’s later in the morning so it won’t be so hard getting out of bed lol.


October 27, 2007

One Day Closer

I ended up with a surge yesterday so its all go for Sunday!!  I have to ring the clinic tomorrow between 1 & 2 to get my transfer time for Sunday.  A little disappointed as my FS won’t be doing transfer as on weekends you normally get the Dr on duty. 

Funny you know since sitting down here thinking of what to write it’s like OMFG I am going for transfer in 2 days after one year I am going to be a incubator again lol.  Yeah I am worrying again, yes scared stiff and so not trying to think of days 10 – 14 when AF normally shows!  I am going to be positive, I am going to fight the evil negative thoughts……… we need this to work, I so want this to work.  I’m actually feeling ill, like the feeling when you’re going for a job interview or something important, that bottomless sickly feeling.  I am just so glad that I have my first week of my 2ww off so I can just relax and talk to my babies, I’ve never had a full week off before so hopefully its going to help. 

Now packing to move mmmmmmmmmmm, well I’m trying lol, it’s just so hard to know what to keep out and take with us to mums and what to just box up and forget about for 18 months.  I need to get my lazy arse into gear and get this done so its not left till the last minute, like I’ve only had 2 weeks to do it in already and one week of my holidays left lol.  I plan to get a lot done tomorrow so I am not lifting etc next week.My computer is on its way out so we’re off tomorrow to get a new one, I know its bad but we still have some stuff on here that I haven’t’ saved to disk.  Things we have done to remember the loss of our little girl etc……….yes bad girl!!  We need to get it onto the new one before it crashes completely. 

Anyway I will keep you updated.


October 25, 2007

On the Road Again

Long Road

We’re officially cycling again!!!  It is now day 14, yes day 14 (I thought I would wait a while to update just in case lol).  I went for a scan yesterday and my lining was nice and juicy and I had a 15 mm follie sitting on my left ovary, which shows ovulation is about to happen. 

 I was given my OPK and told to start peeing today and I think its about to start  as I had a slight surge.   So I ring my nurse when it happens then transfer is normally 2 – 3 days after that, if I haven’t O’ed by Friday she wants me to go in and have my bloods done just incase as they don’t want to miss it. 

I can’t believe after a years break that as soon as I was in with the nurse all the feelings came flying back again, almost like it was yesterday that we did our last one.  It’s funny how all the negative feelings come back isn’t it, like you have reached the end of your 2ww.  I promised myself that I had to be positive this time I had to give it my all……….I’m going to give it a try but may need so help lol. 

So wish us luck.


October 08, 2007

We have some news....

No news is good news I suppose lol, but honestly there has been nothing happening.  It’s been a year now since we did our last IVF transfer and I must say it feel forever ago too.  On saying that we have some good news…….. this week when AF arrives we will be starting another cycle which will bring it up to transfer number 9, how tiering lol but boy am I excited about it.  I really didn’t think we would get here and do another cycle this year but here we are.I am so relieved that DH wants to still keep trying for a baby I have been dreading the day that we have to stop but I know he wants a baby and that’s all I need to hear from him. 

We have only about 4 weeks left in the house before we move in with my parents.  As much as this is going to be a stressful time for us both with no privacy, not a lot of us times it is going to be good to be looked after again and I know mum will spoil us rotten.  The best thing about it all is that now we are onto the next phase of our new lives, it also means roughly 18 months left until I quit work……..YAY!!!!!!!  I start holidays this Sunday and finish packing everything up. 

Anyway please think good thoughts for us this month, for those that understand IVF just takes away years of your life with each transfer you do.