September 26, 2007

A Special Friend

You know I have a great friend.  We have never met, never chatted on the phone but we both are from an online group and I love her to death.  She has been with me the whole way through the loss of Chloe and afterwards.  She always emails me if I am quiet to see how I am even if she is not 100% herself.  See this good friend also lost a baby but he was almost full term which I could never imagine and hope I never have to go through. 

In the mail today was a large envelop and inside was a letter and a picture of a little girl Angel with a poem on it.  This person sent it to us because that’s how she pictured how our baby girl would look like and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts as I know some people feel that I should of moved on by now and she understands completely.   

I have had many friends through my ttcing times and IVF times, some show you support to begin with, they say hi every once and a while and think its ok, but B you have been there from day one and are still kicking my arse and I love ya for it.


September 20, 2007

Humans are Amazing sometimes.....amazingly selfish

Wow I have been slack haven’t I, thanks Jules for reminding me hee hee. Honestly not much is happening with me, I have been in a central place for a few weeks now which I think is good, no tears, no depression just complacent.  Although it could be a sign of a bang to come.

A few things have made me a little upset this week.  First was the dumping of a 3 yr old Chinese girl at the Melbourne railway station, where its now turned out the father dumped her there then went to the airport and caught a flight to America that same day.  Today they found the mothers body in the boot of a car in New Zealand.  There was a history of domestic violence and him being a martial arts expert.  That poor child to be dumped in a different country and left alone in a public place for any sicko to take her, I wouldn’t of thought twice to take her in she is just so gorgeous.  Her grandmother is on her way over from China to take her back to live with them and her extended family. 

Then today there was a article in the paper about 2 Lesbians who are suing a Dr because she had two embrio’s transferred and she only wanted one and ended up with twins. 

A LESBIAN mother demanding compensation for having IVF twins instead of one child has lost her capacity to love, her partner told a court today.

In the first case of its kind in Australia, the couple is suing prominent Canberra obstetrician Dr Sydney Robert Armellin for more than $400,000 in the ACT Supreme Court for implanting two embryos instead of the requested one.The birth mother's partner told the court today at times she felt their relationship would not survive the stress after learning they were to have twins. "My observation is that (the twins' birth mother) was one of the most confident and centred people that I have met," she said.

She described her partner as being an extremely generous and loving person before she fell pregnant.

"She (the twins' birth mother) always said that she had a big heart filled with love," the woman said, weeping.

"I find (now) that she doesn't have the same ability to love that she used to and the same capacity to, I guess, embrace differences and issues as a couple or as a team."

She said the pair lost their lives functioning as a couple, becoming mired in everyday tasks associated with raising two children.

The IVF procedure, which used sperm from a Danish donor, resulted in the birth of twin girls, now aged three. The couple, whose combined income is almost $120,000, want $398,000 to cover the costs of raising one of the girls, including fees for a private Steiner school in Melbourne. They are also seeking around $15,000 to compensate them for time off work, and an additional amount for medical expenses. Dr Armellin's barrister Kim Burke said the pair's loss of their lives as a couple was commonly experienced by parents across Australia. "I suggest to you you have described the situation nearly every couple in Australia suffers in the circumstances where they are no longer in a single relationship with each other but they've the burden of a child or children." The civil hearing before Justice Annabelle Bennett continues. 

Don’t even get me started on this because I will never stop but you ungreatful heartless bitches, how dare you use these two gifts as use to get money and free loading and WTF sending the kids to private school, who the hell said you had to do that. Maybe they should put both girls up for adoption. At least the twins would know that the adoptive parents want them both.  I’m sorry but this is just devistating and just so fucking selfish and I hope to god that this gets thrown out, they have a hugh court cost, realise how fucking they are and karma bites them on the fat arse.

Well not long now to hopefully cycleing again, fingers crossed I am going to try my luck with hubby and see if we can go next month as I will ovulate whilst on holidays which would be perfect, I have always been at work straight after a transfer and would just like to see how I go resting.

Well that’s about it for now, if anything happens I promise I will update.


September 07, 2007


Sorry Guys I am around but not much to report right now........... I suppose thats a good thing lol.