December 27, 2006

Christmas Day

I wanted to share what my beautiful husband did for me this morning, he gave me my pressie a ring, then gave me another one. On top of the card it said "To a Very Special Person", when I opened it it was a card that said "Merry Christmas Mummy". He had bought me a MP4 player from Chloe, he also had writen the most beautiful letter from her to me that I will be getting laminated and put up on the wall when we build our new home.
It was something I needed I think, yes I had a sook but his wording was beautiful about how she will be enjoying her day today with the other Angels and for me not to be sad as it suppose to be a happy
day, also that daddy thinks of her too even though he may not show it.

I am so lucky to have him in my life, the rest of the day was lovely I just

felt a wave of calm all day, like she was with us but happy.


December 24, 2006


Christmas reminds us to think with the heart, to remember our dreams, to be inspired with hope, to believe 

I love this saying but have to admit a lot of times I would be the one sneering at it lol.  This year would have been Chloe's first Christmas with us, but I know she will be having a great time upstairs with all the other Angels. We had DH family's Christmas party last weekend, I started on the Champers as soon as we got there to numb the excitement of his familys overwhelming love for each other not!!  They tend to get together and love each other for a few hours and then its over, so my bro inlaw and I decided we would ease the pain with a few.  All was going good until pressie time came for the kids and as soon as the first one was handed out I had to leave the house and sit outside. Dh came out looking for me and realized what had happened and just cuddled me, them my Bro inlaw came out asked what was going on, DH said it would have been bubs first Christmas, he said oh and went back inside.  This year I didn't put the tree up, just didn't see a need for it, we weren't having Christmas at our house this year it is at my sisters.  It felt very weird not having one up though for the first year ever.  When I got home from work the other day, we had decided to get Chinese for dinner as it was a very hot night. I walk straight into the house and to the kitchen and started dishing up dinner (I was hungry lol), DH asked me if I had seen what was in the family room, I said no, so was told to go have a look and to my surprised he had put up the tree, decorated it and said there was only one thing left to do .... put up the glass Angel I had bought from the USA  for our little girl.  It looks perfect!!  When I asked him what made him put it up, he said a little voice told him I needed it up this year more than anything.  I just love him so much. This year has been pretty full on for us, especially being pregnant for the first time and then it being taken away from us, Chloe's due date, 2 failed IVF cycles and a cancelled one, hubby being layed off 3 weeks after we lost bub.  In total now we have had 8 transfers, a lot of broken hearts but its makes me feel good knowing I have 17 frostie bubs waiting for me to make warm and hopefully giving one of them a home for 9 months. I did well at work this year pressie wise, my staff gave me a chocolate fondue set, chocolate, a lucky bamboo, a popcorn maker, a pooping penguin......yes that's right, it poops chocolate pallets, also wine and some smirnoffs.  I have to work tomorrow, yes the last day before Christmas, gotta love being in management in retail at this time of yr!! If I don't post before Christmas Day all of you have a very  MERRY  CHRISTMAS and a Happy and Safe 2007.


December 17, 2006

Sad News

A very good friend of mine got some bad news today, please pop over to her and give her lots of love The Impatient Patient .  I can't believe how much these two have been through. 

I love you M-A.


December 14, 2006

Chrissy Pressies

Ok so what do I get my parents for Christmas??  I am so stumped and I guess like most we have the same thoughts every year but always leave it to the last minute lol.  Yeap next yr I will be more organised and will start putting things away as early as possible......LMAO, for those that know me that wont happen!!

I bought a pressie for my IVF nurse today, she just means so much to me and has helped me through the tough times, especially when my waters broke and after we lost ~Chloe~.  Its amazing how a complete stranger can become part of the family so easily and will always be one.