September 16, 2005

This Blog is dedicated to mine and my husbands journey to having Children. We have been trying to conceive (ttc) for nearly 4 years with no success.

Well where do you start, your born to believe that one day you'll grow up to have a family of your own, to be happy, live life to the fullist. You meet the man of your dreams, you deside its time to start a family, 6months pass, 12 months pass and still nothing. You take that trip to the Doctors told to be patient, you mention that you've heard of a infertility problem called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and that you feel you have alot of the symptoms, but only to be told "naa you wouldn't have that" but we can do a blood test to see if there is something else and we'll test for that too.
A few days later you return for your test results to be told that we think you have PCOS and we'll have to send you for an ultrasound. Another few days pass and you get your ultrasound done, a week later your back at the doctors for it to be confirmed that yes you do have PCOS and your on your way to a specialist. Now your journey begins..................

September 09, 2005

Well I'm going to give this ago, not sure how it works or if I will last, but hey can't hurt. Posted by Picasa

One of my Fav pics Posted by Picasa