February 29, 2008


AF arrived today....... YAY!!  Today makes it day one of our 11th IVF Transfer and I tell ya I am feeling like the Nanna of IVF'ers lol.   Monday I start Proganova 2 tablets a day and then we are booked in for my scan on the 13th March to check hopefully my juicey lining.  We pray that one out of the 6 embies that are being taken to blast survive but if we get more then that is a total blessing.  One of the good things that has come out of this cycle is that we have beaten the price rise that happens the 30th March.

I want to get a slight bit excited about this due to having a new FS and a new proticole, but you know after all this time you just don't do it because that big IVF toad is waiting to slap you right out of it.   You know what, we just want a break and after 6 yrs of TTCing #1, 4 yrs of IVF and a loss of our angel I think we deserve it pretty soon.

 Wish us luck guys.


February 19, 2008

FS Appointment

Had my appointment with my FS today, all went well. My glucose, thyroid
tests came back fine although spewing about the thyroid then I could blame
it on my weight lol. Also my testosterone was elevated slightly but I only
have PCO not PCOS and can stop taking metformin which I have been on for 5
yrs now.

So now the deal is we wait for AF to arrive, I will go on proganova twice a
day and the reason for not doing another natural is due to us doing our
first blast cycle. My FS wants to monitor my first cycle with her plus my O
ing was out this month by 11 days than normal which depressed me as it took
so long to get it to day 15 from day 35. She will do all my scans so she
can see what's happening as my last Dr got my nurse to do it or the clinic.
They will take 6 embies to blast if none survive then she said we may skip
the rest of the 8 embies left and go for a fresh with PGD.

That's it for now, hopefully af will be here end of next week and we'll get



February 08, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Our Angel


To a very Special Daughter 

We wish you weren’t

So far away

Then we could help

Celebrate your Birthday 


 Although we can’t be with you

On your special day

You’re in our hearts our Angel

In a very special way 

Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe

All our Love

Mummy & Daddy.